Simple HTML5 Tags to Start With

Open the text editor of your choice (such as Notepad++ or Sublime), and you can start editing with some simple HTML5 tags.

These examples will use HTML5.

What is HTML5? HTML5 is the latest finalized standard of the HTML markup language that is used to structure content on the World Wide Web. It was standardized on October 28, 2014. You can read more about HTML5 on Wikipedia.

Start with Simple HTML5 Tags

You can create a main heading as follows:

<h1>This is a main heading</h1>


Because you used the <h1> tag, your browser will interpret this with large bold text, which is what you might expect for a main heading.

You can practice using simple HTML5 tags for free, and interactively on the W3 Schools HTML5 Tutorial.

Conceptually, you use tags to structure your page, and your browser can default to a format, like the  large bold text you see for a main heading.

A smaller heading could be edited as follows:

<h2>This is a sub-heading</h2>


Note that there is an opening and closing tag.

If you wish to change the default formatting that your browser interprets, then you will need to learn CSS3 font styling. CSS is used to style the appearance of a web page.

A paragraph would be created as follows:

<p>This is the text you will see in a paragraph</p>


There are many more types of tags you can use. These were examples of marking up text. Note, the ‘ML’ in HTML stands for markup language.

Continue with more HTML5 tags, and learn how to create links with HTML5.

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