Create HTML5 Links – How To

The ‘HT’ in HTML stands for Hyper Text. It’s the idea that your document can link to other documents, and vice versa. This is why we create HTML5 links. The following will explain how to create HTML5 links.

The ability to create links was very exciting when it was first introduced because the linking of many documents allowed for information to flow more freely.

To create HTML5 links you will use the <a> tag with an href attribute. Here is an example:

<a href=””>Go to Google.</a>

Notice the href attribute is inside the opening tag.

Watch a 3.5 Minute Video Tutorial to Create HTML5 Links

If you edit multiple <a> tags you will need to put ‘&nbsp;’ between your tags. Why? Because even if you have space in your text editor, your browser will ignore this ‘whitespace’. Inserting ‘&nbsp;’ between tags forces your browser to put a visible space between your links. It stands for non breaking space.

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