Slow Loading Website FIX

slow loading website
A signal that makes users want to leave your site.

A slow loading website will hurt website ranking SEO performance. Thus, page speed is very important. It not only affects SEO rank, it also affects conversion. Users may leave your site quickly if the page loading speed appears to be slow. Visitors and search engines like pages that load quickly.

Many different issues can affect page loading speed. It is best to test the site first, and then apply the fixes as suggested by the test results.

Test for Slow Loading Website

Test website speed for free at It will grade your site. The bottom grade area shows website content breakdown. This area tells you what is taking the most time to load on the website.

The site will tell you how you can fix a slow loading website. It runs a test, gives you results, and instruction on how to improve website performance.

For example it might recommend to cache the browser, or to enable compression. Too many files can slow down your site.

The enable compression guide will provide code that can be added to the .htaccess file. Ask a web programmer if you need help updating the .htaccess file.

Google Developers Page Speed Insights is another great tool for improving a slow loading website. It analyzes how fast a site loads on mobile and desktop devices, and then recommends fixes. Even though this tool gives a breakdown between mobile and desktop devices, the suggested fixes will usually enhance page loading speed on all devices.

Following recommendations suggested by these tools should dramatically increase the speed of a slow loading website. Since page speed is very important when it comes to having Google first page search results and user conversion, it is worth the resources to ensure your site is performing at an optimal level.

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