Search Engine Optimization Tools to Start a Site Audit

It is good idea to start with some general search engine optimization tools (“SEO”) to start the audit of a website. Browseo is a good SEO tool. It allows you to see your website the same way a search engine does.

To use Browseo, simply type in the URL you want to analyze, and wait for the results to come up. On the right hand side of the results, there is information regarding how many words and links are on the page. You can also see the given title of the page, keywords, and meta description.

Another useful result is the SERP (“Search Engine Results Page”) preview. Analyzing the SERP may uncover some ways to modify the meta description to encourage more click-throughs.

Being able to see all this information, along with the character count for each section of the page, makes this a useful SEO tool. Having this information grouped together allows you to easily check if it aligns with best SEO practices.

Check Domain Before you Buy

It is suggested that you check a domain name before you buy it. There is a chance this domain was used before you. In most instances, the domain will be okay. However, if it was ever used for malicious or spam activity, then it may be very difficult to rank with that domain.

There is a free SEO tool called WayBack Machine. This site archives web pages, and allows you to see what they looked like in past years. Type in the domain and browse the history.

search engine optimization tools

Look closely at the different archives of the domain in question. Check for spam content, such as link farming, or anything that looks malicious. If you see this, then that domain could work against any SEO efforts.

If your domain has been marked negatively by Google, it is possible to submit the domain to Google, and ask for reconsideration. However, this can be a time-consuming task. Depending where you are in the process, it may be better to register a different domain. Your best bet is to check a domain before you buy it.

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