MVC PHP Framework Code Igniter

mvc php codeigniterCode Igniter is an MVC PHP Framework. MVC stands for model view controller. This design pattern is widely used in the software industry. It is a widely proven architecture for good development of software.

MVC architecture has two main advantages. First, it allows for easy reuse of code. Second, it separates the components of development.

Three MVC Components

The first component of development concerns where to store the information. This component is handled by the Model. The Model interacts with the database.

The second is UI or UX (User Interface or User Experience). UX is what the user sees. This is handled by the View.

Finally, there is the processing of information. This prepares the information to either be displayed to the user, or stored in the database. Processing of information is handled by the Controller.

In other words, Model is the memory of MVC, View is the face of MVC, and Controller is the heart of MVC.

Code Igniter for MVC PHP

Code Igniter implements this design pattern in an easy to understand manner. Code Igniter is lightweight and agile. It does not take up many resources on your computer. It has many built-in features that allow you to code PHP fast and easy. Some background on object-oriented programming is helpful to fully understand Code Igniter.

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