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A PHP developer job description will vary depending on who you ask. This is what I believe after working for one year as a PHP developer. Part of being any kind of developer is to fit nicely into the job you are being hired for. In my case, I was hired as a developer to work on web applications for a factoring company. I knew from the start that the programming team was small. I would be given projects from the IT system engineer, and would be required to participate in conference calls with company executives on a weekly basis. There was another programmer who would be available to help me with some of my projects as needed. This was my first job contract as a web developer. This article should provide you with things that I do almost daily as my PHP developer job description.

The first thing I probably do for every session is update my repository. My company uses Tortoise SVN for its version control. I can have multiple sessions in one day, thus repository updates can happen multiple times as well. I quickly learned this would be an important habit to start.

You Should Also Know SQL

I’ve only been on this job year. My first projects were limited to web applications that provide financial reports for the management. The system engineer felt this was the best way to get me familiar with the database. It made sense, because I would be using the database, but only reading from it. In other words, I could do much wrong by not doing any inserts, updates, or deletes on the database. And this brings me to a very important point. Much of a PHP developer job description includes other programming skills besides PHP. I would also be using SQL, and on a Postgres database. SQL was familiar to me, but not to the extent that I needed it to be. I started using stack overflow early in my job as a valuable resource for getting answers to programming questions.

Be Ready to Learn New Stuff

PHP developers should know other programming skills like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I also use the Bootstrap framework because it allows me to develop faster, and it makes the web pages look modern. I had not used much JavaScript before this job, and  did not think I would need it much. This was a big mistake. And this brings me to my next important point. If you don’t know something that you need, then start learning it immediately.

Companies do not only hire programmers because of what they know, but also because of their ability to solve problems and learn quickly. In my case, I signed up for some JavaScript courses on Udemy. I also took a course on how to use AJAX calls in web applications, and this really paid off. The users  loved how the pages would load because of the AJAX. And I learned Google Charts to represent data visually.

As for coding, I work on PHP scripts virtually every day. Another skill I’ve picked up is writing code that can be reused in scripts. I breakdown every project into small parts, and this allows me to write code in small parts. Good naming conventions for variables, files, and folders helps produce code that is easy to copy and paste into new scripts. It becomes a huge time saver. Last but not least, commenting is huge! If nothing else, write good comments for your own benefit. Assume that next time you look at your code, you will have forgotten everything. You will appreciate being able to read what your code does in layman’s terms.

PHP Developer Job Description Summary

  • Use Great Communication Skills: Understand the difference between talking to people inside and outside of IT at your company. Learn to take feedback and input from people outside of IT. These are the users of the web applications you build.
  • Keep Your Repository Updated: Version control can intimidate people new to programming. But understanding how it works, and using it are vital to practically all developer jobs.
  • Know SQL: PHP is a server-side scripting language. It goes together with SQL like peas and carrots.
  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are Part of the Deal: If you think the company will appoint someone to write your JavaScript, then you may be dreaming – or unemployed.
  • Stay on Your Toes: More than being just a web developer, you are a problem solver! Web technology moves fast, so keep your thirst for knowledge. Learn new things that you can apply and incorporate into your work.
  • Reuse Code: Once you begin to reuse code, then you will write code with consideration for it being easy to reuse. Comment well. This will help you become a fast and efficient developer for your company.


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