An Introduction on Python Objects

This post will introduce a discussion about Python objects.

As the complexity of your programs increase, it’s a good idea to gain an understanding about object-oriented programming. This post will not examine a new skill, but rather introduce terminology that will need to know.

Python Objects

As your programs get more complex, you will need more complex data structures. Consider this example pictured below, where you construct a list, and inside this list is a dictionary. The dictionary of movies comprises the list.

Construct List

Coming up with shapes of data is part of solving programming problems. You can see in the example above, how it has been decided that each dictionary, in the list of movies, will be shaped a certain way. If each dictionary has the same shape, then you can write code that takes advantage of the consistency in shape.


As you can see in the above program, you will loop through the keys that you expect to be there.

In summary, the idea is to find ways to make data structures with consistency.

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