Google First Page Competition Analysis

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Get that Google first page search result.

Check into keyword competition on Google first page results. Test out your keywords before you use them. If one of these phrases turns up high authoritative websites, It will be nearly impossible to rank in the top spots for that keyword. It is best to scratch it off the list, and try another one.

Examples of authoritative sites are Amazon and Wikipedia. It is better to use keywords that do not serve up this type of sites in Google first page results. If you find a keyword that turns up low authoritative sites, such as article directories, or free blogger platforms, then these are great keywords you want to quickly implement in your SEO campaign.

Web Page Ranking Tools

It is not exactly known how much weight Google gives to page rank as a determining factor for landing on the coveted front of page of search results. However, the page rank of your competition is a good indicator for how likely it is that your site can land on the first page of Google.

As a general rule of thumb, if much of your competition has a page rank of 4 or higher, it could be very difficult to get the results you want with that keyword. On a scale of 0 – 10 for page rank, a 4 is considered very good. Pages that have this high of ranking, do not necessarily need all the SEO tactics that you would need to use.

Google also considers individual page authority. It tends to give more weight to page authority over domain authority.

Two free website ranking tools to use are MozBar and SEOquake. These are free browser extensions. SEOquake will tell you page rank. MozBar displays page and domain authority.

web page ranking tools
This is how the MozBar and SEOquake extensions look in a browser.

Focus on finding keywords that turn up Google first page results with page ranks of 3 or less, and domain authority of 40 or less. These keywords will be great candidates to use at the start of an SEO campaign.

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