Increase Organic Traffic With Long-Tail Keywords

increase organic traffic
Choose the right keywords to increase organic traffic to your site.

The best way to increase organic traffic is to choose keywords that will quickly get targeted, organic search traffic to your site. It is worth taking a moment to understand keywords, so that you will know how to choose the best keywords.

A Keywords Guide to Increase Organic Traffic

There are five characteristics that keywords should have in order for them to be helpful for your SEO performance.

  1. Good Traffic Numbers: There should be an adequate number of searches with the keywords, so that they can generate traffic.
  2. Sponsored Ads: The keywords should be profitable. Type them in Google and see if sponsored ads come up in the search results.
  3. Relevant: The keywords must be very relevant to the products or services offered on your site.
  4. Beatable Competition: Some keywords may already be owned by your competition. It is not suggested to spend time and money on keywords that may be impossible to outrank the competition with. Use keywords that can beat the competition.
  5. Attracts Targeted Traffic: If the traffic is targeted, then the chance for conversion is much higher.
organic keywords
Understand the best organic keywords for increasing traffic.

Keywords show users interest and intent. Informational (sometimes called “head”) keywords are used when someone is looking for information. transactional (sometimes called “long-tail”) keywords are used when someone is ready to take action after their search.

Head keywords are usually one or two words long. They are broad and have high search volume. However, there is usually not much buyer intent associated with head keywords. An example of a head keyword is “large dogs”.

Long-tail keywords are at least three to four words, and are more specific. Search volume is usually low, but they drive targeted traffic. This translates to higher conversion rates. An example of a long-tail keyword is “best large breed dog food”

Choose Long-Tail Keywords for Quick Wins

Start an SEO campaign with keywords that can give you some “quick wins” on the first page of Google. This will give you early organic search momentum. Be sure the keywords meet the five characteristics needed to be successful.

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