SEO Questions and Methods for Every Site Audit

A good list of SEO questions should be discussed with clients before the start of a site audit. Consider the following list as an example.

SEO Questions to Start a Site Audit

  1. SEO QuestionsHas there been in any previous SEO work, and do you have reports?
  2. What are your current SEO goals?
  3. What are the most important pages, products, and services you have?
  4. Where should we focus the effort?
  5. What’s the current marketing strategy?
  6. What other advertising is there?
  7. Are the statistics available for current traffic, popular pages, etc.?
  8. Is there anything I missed?

SEO Methods to Start a Site Audit

The website itself is a good place to start an SEO audit. The website should be setup to convert. Afterall, if you increase organic traffic to your website, it will not do any good if your site is not converting.

Make sure there is a call to action prominently displayed on the page. You want to direct users what to do. Don’t make the users guess what you want from them. Ask yourself how the call to action could be stronger.

Many businesses make the mistake of talking about themselves on the landing page. Rather, you want to talk about the customer, and what the business can do for them. Put the business information on an about page.

Look at the landing page and think about what it is saying. Think of how this could more directed to what the business can do for the customer.

Quick SEO Analyzer Tactics

  • Check the business on common social media pages, and make sure the profiles are complete and accurate.
  • Do a Google search on the business name to see what information pulls up on the business.
  • Google and see what pages are indexed, and how high they come up. Pages that do not show may not be indexed.
  • Check on mobile devices for responsiveness. Test various features of the website on 2 or 3 mobile devices for functionality.
  • Check the Google Analytics account to get a quick snapshot of traffic the website is getting.

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